The Greatest Music!

The greatest music of all time comes from the greatest continent and most powerful continent  in the whole world. This is America! The greatest music that people adapt is the Western Music. In fact, most countries have their own musical style. However, it is still obvious that they adapt style from the West. It is not important that you will have a music. Music is life. In fact, even people from Korea and Japan adapt some pop song style from the West.

Actually, why is it the most famous music of all time? Of course, it is the music that people can understand. Another thing is that there are more singers who are more famous in the West. Imagine, Whitney Houston who hit the music top. Celine Dion Albums whose songs went classic.Taylor Swift is one of the most famous singer and she became singer when she was young. There is another thing that American song have, that is the good and melodious songs. Taylor swift first debut album name Love Story hits the top chart billboard in the year 2008. And makes it continue to bloom with her self composition songs to the top until today.

Beyonce is one of the most famous singer artist in america with her debut album named single ladies. She is one of the powerful singer in America known with her style of sing and dance. Every song release by her was made it to the top always. Until now, many people are admiring her, especially teenagers.