American Idol vs AGT

American Talent Show is where talented people around the world are shown up. People who are proud of showing their talent do not hesitate to join competitions just to win the award. For example, in America itself, the most famous show is the American got Talent. All people from around the world fly to America for audition. Joining there is very easy and there are numerous competitors who have already won the battle since its establishment. In this show, different kinds of talent are shown up, may it be singing, dancing, trick, and other kind of category compete together.

There is another show that focuses only in singing, that is the American Idol. American Idol is better than than American Got Talent because people compete with the same type of talent. In American Got Talent, how can a dance be compared with singing. These are two different genre. Then there is a bias in this situation? How can this be possible? This is why American Idol is better. However, American Got Talent is no doubt more famous than the American Idol. There is always a judge between which is better? Of course, why not look into the judging system and the audition system? For example, how can be a banana be compared with an apple? Which one is more delicious? Some will say, banana and some will say apple? What does this imply, in judging such performances, there will always be a bias. But there is a greater bias when comparing different type of talent.