Most Famous American Song Hits

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Numerous Singers want to popularize their songs to become the greatest song hits in the world so they are putting all of their effort to be the number one most famous singer but somehow, there are only chosen best song hits and here are they.

According to reviews, the songs:

My heart will go on– This song by Celine Dion is the most famous song not only in America but all through out the world. This song is the probably famous because the unforgettable real story of the Titanic and the Love story of Jack and Rose.


Yesterday sung by Beatles is a ballad song for a lost love and this inspired all people who have heard this song.  This is also recorded in the Guiness book of Records as the best classic song.

Your Song by John Elton is a song that made people cry once listening to it. There are many reasons why people wonder things on how the composer come up with it.

There You’ll be is the one who sang the theme song of Pearl harbor. The Pearl Harbor made her song so famous.

You were mine is a song by Dixie Chicks which is famous until this very moment.


Lovestory by Taylor Swift is one of the most famous song in the whole world. Artist Swift is also on top of the list.

A Year Without Rain by Selena Gomez can not be forgotten. Selena Gomez’s song is one of the songs that the youths of today’s generation want to hear.

Single Ladies by Beyonce is America’s song hits.

Just the Way You are  by Bruno Mars is the song that made the artists go as one of the most famous.